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2018 Winners


2018 Best in Show

K. Allred

Central High School


Watercolor on paper

S. Lawhorn, Norfork High School

1. Oils - Realistic

M. Pennington, Norfork High School

2. Oils - Abstract

Z. Xu, Fayetteville High School

3. Oils - Expressive

A. Copper, Little Rock Central HS

4. Acrylic - Realistic

K. Brundage, Beebe High School

5. Acrylic - Abstract

J. Houston, Little Rock Central HS

6. Acrylic - Expressive

K. Womack, Conway High School

7. Tempra - Realistic

J. Anderson, Parkview High Scool

8. Tempra - Abstract

L. Avalos, Conway High School

9. Tempra- Expressive

K. Allred, Little Rock Central HS

10. Watercolor - Realistic

C. Hall, Beebe High School

11. Watercolor - Abstract

T. Hinhson, Bryant High School

12. Watercolor - Expressive

I. Westmoreland, Cabot High School

13. Mixed Media 2-D - Realistic

H. Fort, Bryant High School

14. Mixed Media 2D - Abstract

H. Allred, Little Rock Central HS

15. Mixed Media 2-D - Expressive

C. Smith, Cabot High School

16. Mixed Media Low Relief - Realistic

J. Williams, Woodlawn High School

17. Mixed Media Low Relief - Abstract

R. Struthers, Little Rock Central HS

18. Mixed Media Low Relief - Expressive

C. Mclreight, eStem

19. Cut Paper / Collage - All Forms

G. Wright, Crossett High School

20. Portraits - Realistic

Aud. Caruthers, Mt. Saint Mary

21. Portraits - Abstract

C. Mcleight, eStem

22. Portraits - Expressive

E. Rigsby, Bryant High School

23. Printmaking - Linoleum, ect.

P. O'Berski, Fayetteville HS

24. Printmaking - Stencil, ect.

C. Carlile, Maumelle High School

25. Sculpture - Realistic

S. Dodson, Fayetteville HS

26. Sculpture - Abstract

P. Heefford, Bentonville High School

27. Sculpture - Expressive

S. Francoeur, Little Rock Central HS

28. Pen/Ink - Realistic

J. Graves, Bryant High School

29. Pen/Ink - Abstract

K. Womack, Conway High School

30.. Pen/Ink - Expressive

S. Guy, Bentonville High School

31. Scratchboard / Silverpoint - Realistic

B. Kitchen, Maumelle High School

32. Scratchboard / Silverpoint - Abstract

S. Schwander, Mt. Saint Mary

33. Scratchboard / Silverpoint - Expressive

C. Martin, Gentry High

34. Pencil - Realistic

K. Koon, Joe T. Robinson

35. Pencil - Abstract

C. Klein, Bentonville High School

36. Pencil - Expressive

C. Klein, Bentonville High School

37. Colored Pencil - Realistic

M. Roberts, Maumelle High School

38. Colored Pencil - Abstract

L. Maher, Little Rock Central HS

39. Colored Pencil - Expressive

S. Francoeur, Little Rock Central HS

40. Charcoal / Conte - Realistic

H. Hays, Gentry High School

41. Charcoal / Conte - Abstract

M. Dillard, Norfork High School

42. Charcoal / Conte - Expressive

E. Jewel, Little Rock Central HS

43. Chalk Pastel - Realistic

M. Dwyer, Norfork High School

44. Chalk Pastel - Abstract

E. Jewel, Little Rock Central HS

45. Chalk Pastel - Expressive

I. Santos, Little Rock Central HS

46. Oil Pastel - Realistic

E. Mansur, Parkview High School

47. Oil Pastel - Abstract

M. Herndez, Cabot High School

48. Oil Pastel - Expressive

P. Hamm, Bentonville High School

49. Markers - All Forms

H. Wells, Little Rock Central HS

50. Sketchbooks

E. Garicia, Conway High School

51. Advertising Design

A. Palencia, Mt. Saint Mary

52. Digital Imagery - Photos Used

E. Bell, Mt. Saint Mary

53. Digital Art Computer Generated, no photos used

I. Rogers, North Little Rock HS

54. Photography - B&W

Y. Ma, Episcopal Colleiate

55. Photography - Color

M. Anderson, Norfork High School

56. Fiber Arts - Realistic

J. Rosales, Hall High School

57. Fiber Arts - Abstract

S. Burns, Parkview High School

58. Fiber Arts - Expressive

O. Durham, Maumelle High School

59. Altered Books

H. McNew, Sylvan Hills High School

60. Crafts

J. Rogers, Beebe High School

62. Ceramics - NonFunctional

S. Hooker, Brookland High School

63. First Year Students - All Reproduction

W. McCombs, Fayetteville HS

64. First Year Students - Pencil

E. Limoncelli, Little Rock Central

65. First Year Student - Charcoal / Conte

K. Holmes, Sylvan Hills High School

66. First Year Student - All Dry Color Media

B. Ross, Parkview High School

67. First Year Student - Collage / Mixed Media

C. Quintanilla, Bryant High School

68. First Year Studnet - Painting

L. Quinn, Conway Jr. High School

69. First Year Student - Pen and Ink / Scratchboard

E. Ware, Fayetteville High School

70. On-Site Competition - All Dry Color Media

K. Crosby, Little Rock Central HS

71. On-Site Competition - Charcoal / Conte

Z. Xu, Fayetteville High School

72. On-Site Competition - Markers

J. Thomasson, Pine Bluff High School

73. On-Site Competition - Mixed Media

R. Bax, Parkview High School

74. On-Site Competition - Pencil

M. Forte, Genoa High School

75. On-Site Competition - Sculpture

2018 1st Place Winners

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