Tips on Choosing the Correct Category

Each member may only compete with a maximum of five (5) pieces. 

Each piece must be in a separate category. 

Doubled categorized pieces will be disqualified.  On-Site is an additional piece and does not count as one of the five pieces.

1st Year Categories are for 1st year art students only. 

Traditionally, Art I students or a 1st year art students.

Artworks should be placed in correct categories for judging. 

When selecting the category for each piece keep in mind the the 80% to 20% rule. If a piece of artwork was created using 80% of one medium then it can be categorized as such. Not every piece that uses multiple medias has to placed in mixed media. For example, if a work is created using only charcoal but the surface of the paper was washed with watercolor prior to the charcoal drawing then this piece could be entered as charcoal/conte.

Sketchbooks will be judged in their entirety. Not just a single page that is left open.