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Tips on Matting, Mounting, and Tagging

Please PRINT CLEARLY all information on the entry tags. 

Make sure the student's first and last name is clearly written and the full name of the high school. (This is where the official winners' names originate. If there is no name or school, the award may be disqualified or names mispronounced.)

Please attached the completed entry tag on the BACK upper left-hand corner.


Artworks should be mounted on a firm, secure backing. 

Art is propped up for judging. Work should be matted and attached to a backing of Cardboard, foam core board, or a firm, sturdy backing.


Hanging devices are prohibited. No hanging artworks from walls of any kind.


No Glass.


There is no size requirement. However, all must be mounted. 


Framing is optional for stretched canvases and Masonite/hardboard.

AYAA and the sponsors are taking every precaution for the care of all works. AYAA is not responsible for any incidentals that may occur. 

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