Competition Rules and  Guidelines

The following is approved rules and guidelines established and upheld by the AYAA Board and/or Constitution:

1.  AYAA Competition and Convention is a AAA Sanctioned event.  Membership and Competition requirements are as stated in the AAA rules and AYAA Constitution.
    AYAA Constitution Article II. A.3.
           a. Members must have a 2.0 GPA from the fall semester. The student is eligible if they are enrolled and update on all participation in the SIP program.
            b. Members must be 21 years of age or younger.

2.  Each member may only compete with five (5) pieces.  Each piece must be in a separate category.  Doubled categoried pieces will be disqualified.  On-Site is an additional piece and does not count as one of the five pieces.

3.  Artworks should be placed in correct categories.  (Eg.  An obvious portrait placed in Oils may be disqualified)

4.  Members MUST BE PRESENT to compete!!!!  No exceptions. 

5.  Members must be present to receive their awards.  Please make arrangements to stay at the convention the entire time.....until 3:00pm.

6.  1st Year Categories are for 1st year art students only.  Traditionally, Art I            students or a 1st year art course students.
7.  Artwork inappropriately tagged, may be disqualified or pronounced the way it looks like it is written.